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2016: let's plan.

Hey all. Haven't blogged in a while. Been in a bit of a lull. Not a bad lull, just a nothing-interesting-happens lull. But that's good! Because it means life has been steady and good.
But now it's a new year! Most people will be making New Years resolutions. I think new years resolutions kind of suck, because a) for years and years my new years resolution was "get a boyfriend" and I never managed that one and b) most people keep those up until about February 3rd and then they poop out, and that's just no fun. So I've decided to make a list of things I want to do in 2016. No particular time frame. Just... goals.

(Yay lists! You know how much I love lists!)

1) Listen to a thunderstorm while up at the cabin/out in nature. My big thing this year is I want to get out in nature more. Camping or day hikes or even just going up to the cabin more weekends. Nature was a big part of growing up for me, and I've sort of abandoned it of late.

2) Get strong. Yah yah, I know. Exercising is hard. And frankly I suck at it. Exercise or play Dragon Age? It's gonna be DA no contest. But I did get a portable DVD player for Christmas, and have signed up for a virtual 5k, so hopefully these things will inspire me to get on the treadmill more. Part of getting outside is walking more, and I want to get strong.

3) Go on more dates!! I'm not talking about romantic dates. I don't care so much about those. But just out with friends! Dinner! Movies! Tv watching nights. Get out of my house more. I've become kind of a shut in with my cat and my Xbone. (I love you, Xbone. You'll always be #2 after Kanye.) Experience life! Do stuff. Quit being so afraid and live a little.

4) Take a vacation. Seeerrrriously. I don't care where. A night at a B&B. A roadtrip to see the world's largest raven. Somewhere warm and sunny. Anything. Part of shaking it up.

I am getting my health slowly under control, so now it's time to start living. I'm 28. It's time to do this bitch.

Love you all! 
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We should totally go on a road trip sometime, even if it's just a one day kinda thing.
Go you! I dont make new years resolutions anymore either, stopped that 5 years ago now I think. Instead I make lists as well. small things big things about 100 things I want to do in 2016 and i cross them off. It works better than 1 huge thing to get done in a new year. Too overwhelming.