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Movie Review: Jurassic World

Wow, remember when I used to write in this thing all the time?
Moving on.
Sister and I went to go see Jurassic World over the weekend. I thought I'd share my thoughts.

List of Thoughts about ---oooh a dinosaur!

The Bad:
-I didn't realize until after the movie was over that it actually wasn't Jessica Chastain as the main character, but Bryce Dallas Howard.
-Chris Pratt was muscley and gorgeous, and had a few one liners, and yeah, we all like to watch him kiss things because he's so darn pretty. I would have liked it better if his character had more sass. Maybe they thought if they gave him too much sass (personality?) it would look too much like C-Pratt's other characters?
-I thought they had chemistry at the beginning, but basically nothing happened between them, and the his last night "we should stick together. for survival" was delivered rather poorly so NOPE, your ship sucks. Back it out of my harbor please.
-What the fuck did they do to poor Katie McGrath?
-What was the point of those two kids, honestly? like the younger one, okay, he was nerdy and full of science, and I appreciated that. But the older one was a giant asshole. And aside from the "becoming a good big brother" trope, he served no purpose. Feed him to the dinos!

The Good:
-The part where the Alosoemthingasaurus popped his head in and was like "hi guys! Whatcha doin?"
-Revisting the original visitors center from the first film. Yussss.
-Everything that came out of Nick-From-New-Girl's mouth.
-Even though John Williams didn't write the score, it was still a great soundtrack. Especially the primordial chanting in the trex vs genetic dino fight scene.
-The dying bronosaurus scene! Very touching. Hooray for animatronic dinos! THAT is what Jurassic Park is all about.
-The dinosaur petting zoo, and the riding of the tiny triceratops! Yup, I'd do that in real life.
-Not-Jessica-Chastain's character. Everyone said she was dumb. I appreciated that she turned out to be a badass, even if she did make dumb choices (footware and otherwise.) Also, it takes guts to drive an emergency medical van full speed down a dark dirt road while being chased by velociraptors while NOT simultaniously peeing your pants.
-T-rex saving the day. Then, at the end of the movie, he gets up on his little platform and does a victory rawr. You go, T-rex. We're proud of you.

So here's the short version.
Was it a fun blockbuster romp? Yes.
Were the dinos cool? Yes.
Would I watch it again? Maybe if I were Rifftraxing it or playing a drinking game.

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