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librarianisms. 1.

Whenever I tell people, I am a librarian, I get three responses.

1) That's nice. (And they mean it. I genuinely like these people.)

2) You're a librarian? (And the boredom is conveyed in their voices. As if to say why would you choose to spend your life in a library? Why would you want to work around books? Your job is boring. This is often equated with my favorite school response "you have to go to school to become a librarian?" as if being a librarian really isn't that hard, and you shouldn't need a master's degree to really pursue it.)

3) So you're a sexy librarian, huh? (This is a twofer. 25% of the time, it's someone I like, so I can laugh and say "hell yes!" because knowledge is sexy, and being a librarian IS a sexy job, in my opinion. 75% of the time it's the people with the stereotypes in their heads, people who I don't know well, and then it just comes off as creepy and lecherous. Not all librarians wear enormous horn rimmed glasses and short little skirts, and want you to bend them over a stack of books. And even if they did? Still not your god damn place to be a creepo.)

I am damn proud to be a librarian. I fucking love my job. And I'm proud of all the hard work and schooling it took to get me here.
So when someone tells you they are a librarian? The correct response is: "Let me bow at your feet and treat you like the god damn queen you are." (Or king. Kings too.)
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i think it's damn awesome that you're a librarian <3 *bows down before the Keeper of the Books*